Opteon™ Refrigerants for Chillers

Growing Commercial and Industrial Applications Propel Growth in the Chiller Market

Chillers are widely used to cool everything from chemical processes to office and living spaces, refrigerated warehouses, ice rinks, and more. Chillers also provide facilities managers with an energy-efficient method of cooling, and because the refrigerant charge is centralized, they typically operate at very low leak rates.

Expansion within the commercial and industrial sectors has led to growth in the chillers market. For example:

  • Food retailers depend on chillers in cold storage warehouses to keep food fresh during distribution
  • Plastic manufacturing sites require chillers to cool down injection molding systems
  • Data centers hold sensitive equipment that generates a significant amount of heat and require strictly controlled temperatures to operate at optimum capacity
  • Ice rinks use chillers to create and maintain ice at the proper conditions

Choosing an Efficient and Sustainable Refrigerant for Chillers

Like all sectors of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, chiller manufacturers are faced with the challenge of ensuring the equipment they develop maintains the energy efficiency targets that facilities require, while also complying with regulatory requirements around the world.

In an effort to address these market demands in a sustainable manner, the Opteon™ portfolio of refrigerants offers a range of low global warming potential solutions for chillers including: