Smart Refrigerant Selection for Ice Rinks, Part II

High-Performance Solutions That Protect the Health and Safety of Patrons, Technicians, and Operators

New local and global regulations continue to have a significant impact on the global refrigeration industry. For the ice rinks operating in North America—whose very operation relies on the performance, efficiency, and safety of refrigerants and refrigeration systems—this moving target poses a serious problem: Rink owners and operators understand their options and select a refrigerant that’s safe, as well as high-performing.

In order to be safe for occupants, technicians, and operators, the right refrigerant should be nonflammable and nontoxic. It should also be environmentally sustainable, with no ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP). Plus, the refrigerant should be relatively easy to handle and store, so service technicians and operators know what to expect from its use.

Download the white paper to learn the important health and safety factors to consider when choosing the right refrigerant for an ice rink.