Smart Refrigerant Selection for Ice Rinks, Part I

Long-Term Solutions to Challenges with an Evolving Regulatory Landscape

The global refrigeration industry is in the midst of a regulatory-driven transition toward a new generation of environmentally sustainable refrigerant solutions. This shift has major impacts on all private and community ice rinks, both large and small, operating in North America.

For rink operators and owners, it’s important to understand the nuances of this changing environment and the impact it has on the selection of refrigerants and refrigeration systems. Opteon™ refrigerants are the new generation of refrigerants, offering low global warming potential (GWP), safety, and high performance.

Download Part I of the white paper to learn more about refrigerant and system-design options, including energy efficiency and environmental impacts, total cost of ownership, and health/safety factors

Be sure to download Part II of this white paper to learn more about the health and safety considerations, including toxicity, flammability, and high-pressure hazards.