Le marché français adopte les fluides fluorés à bas PRG

Les alternatives pour les PAC - Derniers succès en réfrigération commerciale - Questions et perspectives


09:00 CET

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Orateurs invités

Louis Bisciongol, Sales & Business Development, Chemours France SAS
Louis Bisciongol

Sales & Business Development, Chemours France SAS

Christmann Jean-Marc
Jean-Marc Christmann

Technical and Marketing Specialist, Chemours France SAS

Mehdi Charni, Responsible Technique, Groupe Gazechim Froid
Mehdi Charni

Responsable Technique, Groupe Gazechim Froid

Christian Ledent
Christian Ledent

Directeur Technique, GRIFFI France

Join our  webinar "The French market is adopting low-GWP fluorinated fluids: Alternatives for heat pumps - Latest successes in commercial refrigeration - Questions and perspectives" organized by Chemours, Gazechim with Le GRIFFI ‘s participation.

Low-GWP refrigerants have never been used as much in France as they are today thanks to their technical and environmental characteristics which lead many leading players to adopt them day after day and to deploy them on a large scale.

Come and discover how these solutions are positioned on the heat pump market and have been implemented in food supermarkets.

This event will once again be an opportunity to answer your questions live.

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