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Ice Rink Chiller Replacement Supports Campus Sustainability Commitments

Chemours , I.B. Storey, and Trane Technologies™ bring Schneider Arena into the 21st century, putting Providence College on “solid ice” for long-term environmental impact and performance excellence with Opteon™ XP10 (R-513A) refrigerant.

Soluciones Sostenibles de Refrigeración

Cultivos Araba cosecha los frutos de una aplicación innovadora utilizando Opteon™ XL20 (R-454C)

Marstair A2LsysteMatch Installation Co-op Kibworth

Marstair A2LsysteMatch Installation Co-op Kibworth

Moving into 2024 with A2L Refrigerants

As our industry turns toward 2024 and the 30% step-down of the ongoing HFC phasedown, HVACR service technicians will begin to encounter A2L refrigerants in the field more frequently.

Largest Opteon™ Low-GWP A2L Refrigeration Installation in the UK for Cold Chain Applications

Nationwide Produce in Partnership with SK Refrigeration Heating and Cooling, Wolseley and Chemours

Opteon™ XL20 Paves the Way for A2L Technology in Commercial Refrigeration

Hensley Beverage Company takes the lead in embracing next-generation solutions with its first Opteon™ XL20 system.

HFOs vs. Industrial Gases (aka “Naturals”)

Industrial Gases (aka “Naturals”) aren’t the future of cooling

Refrigerantes HFO y Menor Coste Total del Ciclo de Vida.

Descubra cómo los refrigerantes HFO de bajo PCA son una alternativa económica.

Soluciones Refrigerantes HFO: La Eficiencia Energética es un Factor Crítico

Descubra cómo los refrigerantes HFO de bajo PCA son la solución ideal a largo plazo para maximizar los beneficios medioambientales y económicos.

Opteon™ XL20: bringing ice-making machines to the next level

Learn how Opteon™ XL20 has become an important player in the domestic and foreign market in Italy.