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A2L Blends for Commercial Refrigeration

Read about the performance and safety benefits of A2Ls in commercial refrigeration

Selecting and Using Low-GWP A2L Refrigerants

Download our overview of lower-GWP refrigerants with details including safe handling.

Safe Charge Sizes for Low-GWP Refrigerants

Learn about appropriate and safe charge sizes for Opteon™ XL refrigerants.

Inconvenient Truth

CO₂: The Inconvenient Truth

There are now better technologies than co2 for retail refrigeration systems

spray foam insulation



NHL hockey rick kept cool

スケートリンク用冷媒のスマートな選択 第1部


grocerystore refrigeration close up



man in grocery store grabs cold fruit


Opteon™(オプテオン™) XL冷媒は、様々な冷凍冷蔵機器やエアコン用途で利用可能です。

Heat Pumps

HFOs & Heat Pumps: A Winning Solution For A Sustainable Future

Opteon™ XL range and Heat Pumps: efficient, sustainable, safer.


Enhancing Efficiency Through Subcooling Technology

Research on Subcooling. Discover the true value of new generation low-GWP refrigerants such as Opteon™ XL20, which can contribute to delivering additional energy and higher life cycle savings, to meet sustainability and efficiency objectives.