Low-GWP Blowing Agents Enhance Spray Foam Insulation Performance

Understand How Opteon™ 1100 Maximizes Efficiency for Homes and Buildings

When it comes to selecting an insulation for a home or commercial building, the wrong choice can have catastrophic impacts on your energy bills—and the environment. With rising energy costs and environmental concerns comes an increased demand for solutions that make homes and buildings more energy efficient.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is an excellent solution. While more expensive up-front, SPF offers significant cost savings over the long term—especially when used in conjunction with a high-performing, environmentally sustainable blowing agent. Opteon™ 1100 can make spray foam insulation more effective and more energy efficient. SPF formulated Opteon™ 1100 can also help improve indoor comfort, weather defense, and structural support.

Download the white paper to learn about the long-term payoffs of using spray foam insulation formulated with Opteon™ 1100.