Enhancing Efficiency through Subcooling

Infographic and Research Sneak Peek

Low-GWP refrigerants leading the way in Subcooling

Download a preview of our findings from some recent research on Subcooling. Discover the true value of new generation low-GWP refrigerants such as Opteon™ XL20, which can contribute to delivering additional energy and higher life cycle savings, to meet sustainability and efficiency objectives.

Subcooling with Opteon XL

The research was conducted in two different retail settings, each with very different environmental conditions and energy needs. It explores three different applications comparing six refrigeration architectures, offering a robust set of findings for the retail industry.

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  • Our Subcooling research sneak peek - preview the findings from a study looking at how adoption of Subcooling technology, based on new generation low-GWP refrigerants in retail and cold-store applications, can contribute to achieving better energy efficiency and lower lifecycle costs.
  • An infographic which visually represents the benefits offered by each low-GWP refrigerant, with a focus on driving sustainability through reliable performance.

Our full whitepaper will be available in September after its presentation at the 6th IIR conference on Thermophysical Properties and Transfer Processes of Refrigerants (TPTPR 2021).

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