Thermal Management Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Driving the future of electromobility

Effective thermal management is a must-have for automakers seeking to improve electric powertrain cooling, extend driving ranges, optimize cabin temperatures, and minimize the risk of fire in battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Onboard heat pump technologies using Opteon™ refrigerants recycle the waste heat from a vehicle’s electrical components (battery, motors, chargers, inverters, etc.) and use it to raise cabin temperatures, reducing power consumption due to resistive heating.

Opteon™ dielectric fluids can be used in immersion cooling in battery packs to improve cell temperature uniformity and mitigate thermal runaway. Opteon™ fluids also enable the adoption of higher-density silicon carbide (SiC) power modules, which work at higher temperatures and require enhanced thermal management capabilities.

Efficiency and versatility in a thermal solution

Opteon™ solutions for BEVs operate efficiently at both low and high temperatures, minimizing “range anxiety” without compromising comfort. Opteon™ products also help mitigate the risk of battery degradation from fast charging—promoting safer operation, increased range, and longer battery life.