Opteon™ XP10 (R-513A) Refrigerant

A Next-Generation R-134a Refrigerant Alternative

Opteon™ XP10 (R-513A) refrigerant is a non-ozone depleting potential (ODP), low global warming potential (GWP) hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) based replacement for R-134a.

Opteon™ XP10 offers an excellent capacity and efficiency match for R-134a in new and retrofitted systems, and an optimal balance of properties, including high performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Many diverse applications use Opteon™ XP10. The most common are chillers and commercial refrigeration equipment, including:

  • Medium-temperature commercial and industrial direct-expansion (DX) refrigeration
  • Medium-temperature circuits of hybrid cascade systems
  • Water chillers, air conditioning, and heat pumps
  • Centrifugal chillers
  • Direct-expansion (DX) chillers
  • Ice rink systems

Features and Benefits

Many new systems use Opteon™ XP10, however existing R-134a equipment is also compatible with Opteon™ XP10. It's nonflammable, with an ASHRAE A1 safety classification, and offers additional benefits such as:

  • Low GWP: A 56% reduction compared to R-134a
  • Azeotropic blend with zero glide
  • Excellent capacity and efficiency match for R-134a
  • Compatibility with existing equipment design and oils
  • Approval from major global equipment and component manufacturers