Refrigerants for Mobile Refrigeration

Efficient Cooling for Products on the Move

From Point A to Point B and at every stop along the way, refrigerated transport is vital to maintaining a safe and robust cold chain. Whether the cargo in question is food, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, or bulk liquids, temperature-controlled shipping must be able to withstand the dynamics of different seasons, climates, and terrains while maintaining the goods within—ensuring safety and quality while reducing business losses.

Opteon™ hydrofluoroolefin (HFO and HFO blends) refrigerants offer a sustainable, high-performance replacement solution for legacy HFC refrigerants in reefers, refrigerated vans, trucks, trailer-mounted refrigeration, and refrigerated railcars. Delivering the optimal balance of safety, performance, environmental sustainability, and cost in a variety of cooling applications, Opteon™ products provide a next-generation solution that’s worthy of the road ahead.

Keeping It Cool While Getting It There

With zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP), Opteon™ refrigerants keep the cold chain moving while helping business owners meet changing regulations and minimize risk. With favorable thermodynamic properties that yield significant cost and energy savings, Opteon™ refrigerants are the ideal solution for moving refrigerated trucks, trailers, and shipping containers into a new, high-performance era of mobile refrigeration—one that’s as efficient as it is sustainable.