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Klimatix Launches Opteon™ XL41 Chillers

Klimatix, a Brazilian company of the Mecalor Group, specializes in manufacturing chiller andhigh precision air conditioners for data centers, industrial applications, commercial buildings,shopping malls and hospitals.

Low-GWP HFO Refrigerants Enabling Higher Energy Efficiency Heat Pumps

Opteon™ XL20 (R-454C) thermodynamic and safety profiles make it highly suitable for residential and commercial HP deployments in building renovation and new buildings.

Ice Rink Chiller Replacement Supports Campus Sustainability Commitments

Chemours , I.B. Storey, and Trane Technologies™ bring Schneider Arena into the 21st century, putting Providence College on “solid ice” for long-term environmental impact and performance excellence with Opteon™ XP10 (R-513A) refrigerant.

Sustainable Refrigeration Solutions

Cultivos Araba reap the rewards of an innovative application using Opteon™ XL20 (R-454C)

Marstair A2LsysteMatch Installation Co-op Kibworth

Marstair A2LsysteMatch Installation Co-op Kibworth

Moving into 2024 with A2L Refrigerants

As our industry turns toward 2024 and the 30% step-down of the ongoing HFC phasedown, HVACR service technicians will begin to encounter A2L refrigerants in the field more frequently.

Largest Opteon™ Low-GWP A2L Refrigeration Installation in the UK for Cold Chain Applications

Nationwide Produce in Partnership with SK Refrigeration Heating and Cooling, Wolseley and Chemours

Opteon™ XL20 Paves the Way for A2L Technology in Commercial Refrigeration

Hensley Beverage Company takes the lead in embracing next-generation solutions with its first Opteon™ XL20 system.

HFOs vs. Industrial Gases (aka “Naturals”)

Industrial Gases (aka “Naturals”) aren’t the future of cooling

HFO Refrigerants and Lower Total Life Cycle Cost.

Discover how low GWP HFO refrigerants are a cost-effective alternative.