A Cost-effective Replacement for R-22

Selecting an R-22 Retrofit Solution for Air Conditioning Systems

As R-22 production is phased out due to global regulations, facilities managers, contractors, and homeowners are faced with the challenge of how to best service their existing R-22 equipment.

In some cases, if the R-22 systems have exceeded their useful life, replacing those systems with new, more efficient equipment is the right approach. However, for equipment with useful life remaining, using a retrofit refrigerant in the existing equipment provides an excellent solution.

An ideal retrofit refrigerant offers comparable performance to R-22, while minimizing or eliminating the need for component or oil changes. The refrigerant must also be nonflammable and non-ozone depleting.

Ready to Retrofit, What's Next?

Extensive information on leading Chemours R-22 retrofit refrigerants for air conditioning can be found here.

For questions about R-22 retrofit solutions in air conditioning systems that can also provide a lower GWP, please contact the Opteon™ refrigerants team.