Two-Phase Immersion Cooling for Data Centers

A breakthrough in data center energy efficiency

Data centers operate around the clock, consuming tremendous amounts of electricity and water. In conventional data centers, heat is removed from servers via air cooling, an inefficient cooling method that consumes vast amounts of power and fresh water.

Two-phase immersion cooling (2-PIC) using dielectric heat transfer fluid represents a breakthrough in energy efficiency, water usage, and performance for data centers worldwide.

With this technology, components such as servers and power electronics are immersed in tanks filled with dielectric fluid. Heat from the components boils the fluid, which vaporizes and then condenses on coils placed above the liquid.

While the liquid and vapor remain fully contained within the sealed tank, waste heat is carried off from the condenser via a closed cooling loop that eventually rejects the heat outside through an adiabatic or dry cooler. Alternatively, the heat can be captured using waste heat recovery technology.

The new standard for data center cooling

Two-phase immersion cooling with Opteon™ 2P50 developmental dielectric fluid is:

Energy Efficient: Two-phase immersion cooling can reduce data center cooling energy use by more than 90%.

Safe: Two-phase immersion cooling has no flash point and no upper or lower flammability limits. It is safe for its intended applications.

Compatible: Opteon™ 2P50 has excellent chemical stability and dielectric properties and is compatible with most server materials.

Reliable: The relative simplicity of two-phase immersion cooling systems means fewer potential failure points than air cooling or single-phase immersion cooling systems.

Sustainable: Opteon™ 2P50 fluid has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), a very low GWP of 10.8, and a limited leak potential (<1%/year possible), which results in very low emissions.

Cost-effective: The efficiency of two-phase immersion cooling enables a 60% reduction in data center physical footprint and potential CAPEX savings of up to 33% when compared with typical air-cooling technologies.

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(*) pending regulatory approval