Refrigerants for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Reliable and Efficient Refrigerants Deliver Driver Comfort

From local delivery trucks to long-haul semis, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles depend on reliable cabin air conditioning (AC) to maintain a comfortable working environment. Opteon™ refrigerants offer the best balance of properties and performance for mobile AC systems.

Addressing Environmental Issues

In the past, medium- and heavy-duty vehicle AC systems relied on R-134a, but this refrigerant, with its global warming potential (GWP) of 1430, is being phased down in many parts of the world in favor of newer, low GWP solutions.

Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) based Opteon™ YF (R-1234yf) refrigerant is an R-134a replacement featuring comparable thermodynamic performance and similar energy efficiency and capacity. With a GWP of 4 (AR4), Opteon™ YF meets or exceeds vehicle requirements for lower global warming potential (GWP) solutions for vehicle AC systems.

Opteon™ YF is already the refrigerant of choice for light duty vehicles. By transitioning to low GWP HFO refrigerants, manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles can improve the sustainability of their products while ensuring compliance with local and global regulations.