Specialty Fluids for Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing

Innovative Solvents for Critical Cleaning Applications

In many applications, unclean components or equipment can perform poorly, shut down, or become damaged from contaminants. Ultimately, this leads to downtime in sectors where high-grade components or industrial machinery have high performance standards and quick turnaround times. Aerospace, defense, semiconductor manufacturing, and other industries use equipment components with increasingly lower contaminant tolerances, where even the smallest contamination can damage sensitive components.

Innovative, high-performance cleaning and vapor degreasing solutions are absolutely critical for these industries. New solutions must:

  • Offer improved environmental sustainability than previous solvents to comply with global regulations
  • Facilitate fast drying times to enable quick assembly and further processing
  • Provide effective cleaning for a broad range of soils and contaminants

Developed with both performance and the environment in mind, Opteon™ specialty fluids are used for a wide variety of cleaning applications, including:

  • Light, medium and heavy soil removal
  • Particulate and ionic removal
  • Optics cleaning
  • Defluxing

High-Performance Specialty Fluids Offer Low Toxicity and Other Benefits

Opteon™ specialty fluids' low viscosity, high liquid density, low surface tension, and effective wetting enables them to penetrate tight spaces for optimum cleaning performance. High solvency (high KB value) allows for cleaning a variety of light and heavy soils including particulates, ionic soils, oils, waxes, and greases.

Designers and engineers depend on these low GWP, nonflammable specialty fluids to wash away contaminants quickly and effectively in highly sensitive applications. Compared to aqueous solutions, specialty fluids enable lower energy consumption and facilitate increased productivity thanks to shorter cycle times.

Opteon™ specialty fluids work in almost any cleaning application. They are widely used across industries, including aerospace, military and defense, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, optics, and industrial machining. Opteon™ specialty fluids designed for cleaning and vapor degreasing include: