Refrigerants for Industrial Refrigeration

Addressing Growing Cooling System Requirements for Industrial Applications

Increased demand from the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing industries drives global growth in the industrial refrigeration market. These systems are typically installed at large freezing and refrigeration plants, and require safe, high-quality cooling options.

Global concerns associated with industrial refrigeration systems include how to deliver cooling capacity while maintaining energy efficiency, and how to address environmental issues associated with refrigerants.

Industrial Refrigeration for Food and Beverage Processing

Industrial refrigeration plays a major role in today's global economy. Across the food supply industry, a larger amount of reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable refrigerant for industrial refrigeration is needed to satisfy consumer demands.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly developing and bringing new drugs to market. Refrigerators and freezers play an integral part in this process by preserving cells used for research, increasing drug efficacy, and extending the shelf life of many medications.

As demand grows for drugs and therapeutic treatments based on biologic products, the pharmaceutical industry needs to scale its operations to expand research. A reliable, high-performance refrigerant that can maintain the tight temperature ranges most pharmaceuticals require is critical to the industry's success.

Chemical Processing

The chemical processing industry relies on advanced refrigeration technology. Outdated cooling systems may have energy efficiency concerns or utilize older refrigerants, and temperature requirements also vary based on the diversity of materials that need processing.

Faced with changing demands, commercial refrigeration original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seek to develop new systems that meet more stringent temperature requirements and regulatory mandates.

Refrigerants Address Rigid Industry Requirements

Chemours has a long history of working with industrial refrigeration designers and engineers to provide refrigerants that balance performance, environmental sustainability, safety, and cost across multiple applications.

To meet industrial refrigeration market demands for more energy efficient and sustainable systems, Chemours has developed Opteon™ refrigerants using hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) chemistry. This new generation of non-ozone depleting (ODP), low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants offer superior performance. Opteon™ refrigerants for industrial refrigeration applications include:

Refrigerants for New Equipment Installations

Opteon™ XL refrigerants provide low and ultra-low solutions that are specifically designed for new and energy-efficient refrigeration equipment. Choose Opteon™ XL products if your existing system is too old for a retrofit or you are planning to install a new system.

Refrigerants for Retrofits and New Equipment Installations

Opteon™ XP refrigerants provide a sustainable solution with a lower GWP that is suitable for retrofits and new equipment installation. Choose Opteon™ XP products if you are not ready to invest in a new system or your existing equipment has not yet reached the end of its lifetime.