Refrigerants for Heat Pumps

High-Performing Refrigerants Increase Energy and Cost Efficiency of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are getting renewed attention as cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives to fossil fuel based systems in residential and commercial buildings.

Industrial applications for heat pumps are also growing. For example, in the metal processing, paper and pulp manufacturing, and chemical processing industries, high temperatures are required for many core operations—including washing, evaporation, and drying.

Choosing A Sustainable Refrigerant for Heat Pumps

Heat pump designers are upgrading their products to improve performance and efficiency. One focus area is on compressor design, where innovations such as two-speed compressors allow industrial heat pumps to perform extreme heating or cooling with high efficiency while significantly reducing power consumption.

In turn, equipment manufacturers are selecting refrigerants that delivers heat pump performance and sustainability with minimal environmental impact.

Opteon™ refrigerants replace refrigerants used in the past, like R-410A and R-22, and offer very low global warming potential (GWP). The optimal refrigerants for heat pumps include: