Working Fluids for High-Temperature Heat Pumps

Optimize Waste Heat Recovery with High-Performance Working Fluids

High-temperature heat pumps (HTHP) can be used to recover waste heat and provide heating for industrial processes like drying, sterilization, paper making, and food preparation. These HTHPs work differently from air conditioners by recovering waste heat energy from an industrial process or the environment and transfer it to be used where needed. For example, Industrial applications can repurpose low temperature waste heat efficiently for other uses, including:

  • Liquid heating
  • Evaporation and distillation
  • Steam generation
  • District heating

Selecting the best working fluid for HTHPs is important. Because HTHPs typically provide heat at temperatures between 100 and 160 °C (212 to 320 °F), some working fluids appropriate for low- and medium-temperature heat pumps are less effective. HTHP working fluids also need thermal stability, heating performance, pressure, enthalpy, and vapor characteristics appropriate for their intended application and use.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Many HTHP applications improve overall energy efficiency in industrial operations by recovering waste heat that normally is released into the atmosphere. Opteon™ MZ working fluid is a non ozone depleting, low global warming potential fluid that provides the best balance of properties and performance for HTHPs.