Learn How Opteon™ Refrigerants are Changing the Game

Choose Opteon™ Refrigerants for Your Ice Rink System

Opteon™ refrigerants offer sustainable, low global warming potential (GWP) solutions for ice rinks, food retail, food service, cold storage and comfort cooling applications around the world. With regulatory pressures impacting the use of legacy refrigerants, Opteon™ offers alternative products that provide the optimal balance of performance, safety, and low life cycle costs.

Whether retrofitting an existing system or installing a completely new system, Opteon™ offers advanced solutions for the most common refrigerants in the field including R-22, R-507A, R-404A, R-407A, R-744 and R-717.

The National Hockey League (NHL®) and Chemours partnership continues to inspire environmental progress in the sports community through educating owners and operators about the importance of adopting non-ozone depleting, low-GWP refrigerant solutions.  The partnership has helped to transform the game of ice hockey and broader sports community across North America through innovative technologies.

Choosing Opteon™ refrigerants means you are selecting a sustainable and cost-effective solution that promotes a safer and cleaner environment for future generations.

Keeping the Game of Hockey Thriving 

Omar Mitchell headshot

“The NHL is proud to partner with Chemours to support the game of hockey across North America with environmentally preferred refrigerant products. We will continue to educate the sports community at all levels about the importance of sustainability and low-GWP, energy efficient refrigerant solutions like Opteon™.”
Omar Mitchell 
VP, Sustainable Infrastructure & Growth Initiatives, NHL

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