How to Safely Switch to A2L Refrigerants

Make the Transition to a Sustainable Choice

A new generation of hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerants for air conditioning (AC) and refrigeration are being adopted due to their low global warming potential (GWP). These HFO refrigerants, such as the high-performing Opteon™ XL line of refrigerants, offer reliability, consistency, and efficiency to a wide range of refrigeration and AC applications.

While the new HFO refrigerants deliver superior performance and sustainability, some are mildly flammable with an ASHRAE A2L safety classification. With proper handling, these environmentally sustainable refrigerants are perfectly safe to use, so it's important that technicians and engineers understand safety considerations and charge sizes when making the transition.


Download the white paper to learn how to move to reliable and sustainable low GWP options—like Opteon™ XL—safely, cost effectively, and without sacrificing performance.